The "right to repair" is here to stay in Europe!

The "right to repair" is here to stay in Europe!

Big news for sustainability and the fight against e-waste!

The EU has confirmed new "right to repair" rules requiring manufacturers to enable customers to repair their broken products, rather than throwing them out and buying replacements. Additionally, more demand will translate into a boost to the repair sector while incentivising producers and sellers to develop more sustainable business models.


This move is estimated to cut down on the 35 million tonnes of waste generated each year by prematurely binned viable products like dishwashers, televisions, and mobile phones in the EU. It's also expected to save consumers €12 billion annually.


Under the new rules, manufacturers will have to repair goods that are still under guarantee if they cost the same or less than a replacement. Consumers will also have the right to demand that firms fix their products within 10 years of purchase, even if they are no longer under warranty. This ensures that more products are repaired within the legal guarantee and that consumers have easier and cheaper options to repair products, when the legal guarantee has expired or when goods are not functional anymore as a result of wear and tear.

Producers also now have an obligation to inform customers about products they are obliged to repair. Consumers will also be able to request a European Repair Information Form in order to bring transparency to repair conditions and price, making it easier for consumers to compare repair offers.

At Savvy, we fully support this new legislation as we believe longer-lasting and more repairable products are crucial to saving the planet's resources.

We are the Savvy Generation. Investing in our future, not at the expense of the planet.

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